At AES, students can participate in various Sports and Games that help inculcate athleticism, team spirit, stamina, discipline, focus, etc. In many cases, a sport of choice turns into a lifelong hobby or even a bright career path!



Students of The Andhra Education Society are regularly practicing Kabaddi, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Squay Martial Art, Karate, Athletics, Yoga, Football, Tennikoit, Throw ball, Handball and Cricket.

Most highlighted Achievement of the year is our KBD Junior team stood First in Mumbai city and represented Mumbai City at National Competition held in Noida, Delhi.

First time ever in the history of our school we have reached to National level in Kabaddi on such a big platform to perform. This competition was organized by Star Sports and sponsored by Vivo. The entire event was telecasted on Star Sports channel. All the credit goes to our Junior College PE teacher Mr.Nishant Patil.

Many students represented our School in Interschool Competitions at District, Division and State Level. This year our Institution received 1 State level Gold Medal, 8 Division level Medals (5 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 bronze) and  44 Medals at District level 20 Gold, 7 Silver and 17 Bronze and the count is still going on as competitions are not yet over.

Following is the list of achievement at District level


Name of Student Sport Medal
Abrar Ansari 80m.Hurdle Gold
Varunraj Thatari 110m Hurdles Gold
400 m Hurdle Silver
Ajay Chouhan 5km walk Silver
Javelin throw Bronze
Bhushan P. 5km walk Silver
Triple jump Bronze
Deepika Rothan 5km walk Gold


Kick boxing

Dhanish Shaikh XI Sci C Gold Medal in District level and qualified for Division level competition.

Vanashree Babu Hajari IX F and Kajal Rapolu VIII B both are selected for State level Association Competition.



Moulika Shridhar VIII A secured bronze Medal in District level competition.



Dhanish Shaikh XI Sci C Secured Bronze medal in District level



Name of student Std Medal
Gayatri Raul IX E Gold
Vinitakumari Sutar XI Com A Gold
Deepshikha Lohare  XII Sci A Gold
Altamash Ansari X F Gold
Ritika Basa XII Com C Gold
Ajay bhandari X A Bronze
Abrar Ansari IX F Bronze
Vanashree Hajari IX F Bronze
Rabiul Mallick IX F Bronze
Atish Yadav IX E Bronze
Prince Yadav IX E Bronze
Maheshwari Mara IX B Bronze
Bhumika Mamidi XI Sci C Bronze
Anto Ridon XII Sci B Bronze
Shiva Chauhan XII Sci B Bronze

Deepshikha Lohare XII Sci A Secured Gold Medal in Division and State level and she represented Maharashtra State in National level SGFI games.


SQAY Martial Arts
 Name of Student  Std District Level Division level
Bharatkumar kurba XII Com A Gold Gold
Pooja Patel XI Com C Gold Gold
Aditya Singari X C Gold Gold
Abrar Ansari IX F Gold Silver
Prachi Singari VIII A Gold Bronze
Pushkar Bollu VIII C Gold Bronze


3 students who secured Gold Medal in Division level are qualified for State level: competition going to be held on 9th December 2019.



Ashish Naypune XII Sci C secured Gold Medal in District and Division level and qualified for State level competition.



Boys under 19 years team secured runner up place in District level competition.