Our teachers set the bar high for all students. They expect that all students can and will achieve great results right in their classroom, and they don’t give up on underachievers. Our teachers have lesson plans that give students a clear idea of what they will be learning, what the assignments are and what the grading policy is. Assignments are set with clear learning goals in mind and give students ample opportunity to practice new skills.




S. NO. Name of the Staff Edu. Qualification  Designation
1 Smt. B. Leela K. B. Com., P.G. Dip in E.C.E. Head Teacher
2 Smt. A. Karuna B. Com., E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
3 Smt. N. Malini B. Com., Dip in E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
4 Smt. A. Priya darshini B. A., Mont. Training Asst. Teacher
5 Smt. G. Navneeta H.S.C., E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
6 Smt. R. S. Ratna Kumari B. Com., E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
7 Smt. P. Sheshamma H.S.C., E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
8 Smt. B. Manjula B. A., Dip in E.C.C.ED Asst. Teacher
9 Mrs. P. Pranjal M. COM. Junior Clerk
Class IV Employees
10 Smt. A. Andalu VII Ayah
11 Smt. S. Surekha Ayah
12 Smt. B. Saraswati S.S.C Ayah
13 Mrs. C. Manjula VII Ayah






Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Qualification Designation
Teaching Staff
1 Smt. G. Lalitha M.A., D.Ed. Head Teacher
2 Smt. G. Vijaya M.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
3 Shri.  E. Ramesh H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
4 Shri.  K. Nagraj M.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
5 Smt. S. Pramoda M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
6 Smt. K. Sujata B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
7 Shri.  S. Prabhakar H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
8 Smt. G. Sujatha B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
9 Smt. V. Sunita B A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
10 Shri.  S. Bharat B A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
11 Smt. N. Preeti H.S.C., D.Ed. Shikshan Sevak
12 Smt. C. Roshni B.Com., D.Ed. Shikshan Sevak
13 Smt. C. Divya B.A., D.Ed. Shikshan Sevak
14 Smt. C. Lavanya H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
15 Kum. U. Sneha H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
16 Kum. R. Swarnalata B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
17 Ms. A. Ratnapriya H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
18 Shri.  Y. Deepak H.S.C., A.T.D. Special Tr.(Drawing)
19 Kum. A. Yashashri B.Com., B.P.Ed Special Tr. (P.T.)
20 Shri.  K. Ajay B.Com., B.P.Ed Special Tr. (P.T.)
21 Smt. S. Sravanthi B.A., B.Ed. Special Tr.(Telugu)
1 Smt. D. Dipika B.Sc, Diploma in Computers Computer Teacher
2 Shri.  U. Santosh B. Sc. Clerk
3 Shri. C. Ashok XI Clerk
Class IV Employees
1 Shri.  B. Shantraj IX Peon
2 Shri.  P. Laxman XII Peon
3 Shri. M. Bhaskar IX Peon




S. No. Name of the Staff Edu. Qualification Designation
1 Smt. L. Santisree M.Sc., B.Ed.,M.Tech.,D.S.M Headmistress
2 Smt. V. P. S. Kumari M.Sc., B.Ed., D.S.M Asst. Headmistress
3 Shri. O. Mathew B.Sc., B.Ed. Supervisor
4 Smt. Rema Seshadri B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A.Edu., D.S.M. Asst. Teacher
5 Smt. Nisha Shinde M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher
6 Smt. G. Himabindu M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
7 Smt. M. Sangeeta M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
8 Smt. G. Vijaya S.S.C., A.T.D., A.M. Special Teacher
9 Smt. D. Vijaya M.A., M.Ed. Asst. Teacher
10 Smt. B. Kalyani Gouri M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
11 Smt. S. Shabnam M.A., B.Ed., M.A.Edu Asst. Teacher
12 Shri. E. Brughumaharshi B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
13 Smt. Pushpa Tiwari M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
14 Smt. Trupti Bondla M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
15 Smt. K.SivaKumari B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
16 Ms. Priyanka Dubey B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
17 Shri. Rapolu Shreenivas M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
18 Smt. Y. Durga Kalyani M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
19 Shri. Satish Mishra B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
20 Smt. Beena Purohit M.A., B.Ed., D.S.M Asst. Teacher
21 Smt. Sowmya Asadi M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
22 Smt.  Manisha Thorat M.A., B.Ed.,M.A.Edu. Asst. Teacher
23 Shri. Dipak P. M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
24 Smt. Kota Mamatha B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
25 Smt. K.  Aruna B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
26 Smt. E. Jayashree M.A, D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
27 Smt. V. Veena B.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
28 Smt. Dabre Sujata B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
29 Smt. Laxmibai T. H.S.C., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
30 Smt. G. Narmada B.A.,D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
31 Ms. Poonam Bansode B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
32 Smt. Siripuram Kavya M.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
33 Smt. Perla Bhavana M.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
34 Shri. Brijesh Dixit M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
35 Shri. Sachin Tambre B.A., M.P.Ed.,Ph.D. SpecialTeacher
36 Shri. Pradeep Chauhan M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
37 Shri. Vijay Chaudhari M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
38 Smt. Tanushri. A. M.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
39 Shri. P. Hare Krishna M.A., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
1 Shri. G. Rajesh S.S.C Science Lab Asst.
1 Smt. R. Tejashri B.A., D.Ed. Asst. Teacher
2 Shri. S. Shantharaju H.S.C., A.T.D. Special Teacher
3 Smt. D. Pooja B.Sc., B.Ed. Asst. Teacher
4 Smt. N. Pratibha B.A.DTED Asst. Teacher
5 Smt. V. Renuka M.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher
6 Smt. V. Maya B.A., B.Ed Asst. Teacher
7 Smt. W. Archana M.A Special Teacher
8 Smt. P. Sindhu M.Sc.,  B.Ed Asst. Teacher
9 Shri K. Chandrakant M.Sc.,  B.Ed Asst. Teacher
10 Smt. A. Isha B.SC., B.Ed Asst. Teacher
11 Shri. M.S.R. Murthy S.S.C Dance Master
12 Shri. G. Ashok Band Master Band Master
1 Ms. U. Sujata B.Com., B.Ed Comp Lab Asst.
2 Smt. K. Pooja M.Com., M.Lib Librarian
3 Shri P. Amit H.S.C., Computer Hardware Networking Asst.
4 Smt. P. Vimala B.Com., Dipl in Computer Comp Lab Asst.


Junior College Staff 2022-23


S. No     Name of the Staff Edu. Qualification Designation 
1 Smt. L. Santisree M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Tech., D.S.M (Headmistress)
2 Shri. K. Purushotham Reddy M.Sc., B.Ed (Supervisor)
3 Shri  S. Venkataraman M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
4 Shri M. John F. M.A., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
5 Smt. Babita Singh M.Com, B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
6 Smt. R. Rajalatha M.Sc., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
7 Smt. Ashrita Raju Pemberthi M.Sc., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
8 Shri. Vinod Palav M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
9 Shri. Ramesh M Koduri M.A., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
10 Shri Nitin Adhav M.A., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
11 Shri. Amey Jogi M.A., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
12 Smt. K. Jyothi M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
13 Smt. P. Kalpana Yesudas M.Com., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
14 Smt. Jyoshna Reddy M.C.A, B.Sc. (Assistant Teacher)
15 Smt. Smita Nandakumar M.Com., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
16 Smt. Sunita Varghese M.A., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
17 Smt. Prajakta Thakur M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
18 Shri Rajesh K Gupta M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
19 Smt. Reeta O Gupta M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
20 Smt. Radhika Yadav M.A. B. Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
21 Shri. Promod Kumar Tiwari M.Com., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
22 Shri Nishant Patil B.A. M. P.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
23 Smt. Aishwarya Chaugule M.Sc. (Assistant Teacher)
24 Smt. Snehal Patil M.Sc., B.Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
25 Smt. Latha G Badri M.Com, Ph.d (Assistant Teacher)
26 Smt. Victoria Martin Swami M.A. B. Ed. (Assistant Teacher)
27 Kumari. Thilaka Nadar M.Sc., M.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
28 Smt. Monika R Avadutha M.Sc., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
29 Smt. Abhilasha Hanwante M.C.A (Assistant Teacher)
30 Smt. Akshaya Padmaja M.Sc., B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
31 Shri. K Shravankumar M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed (Assistant Teacher)
Non Teaching Staff
1 Smt. Varsha Pawar Diploma in Electronics (Lab Assistant)
2  Smt. Neha Shripathi B.Sc. B.Ed. (Lab Assistant)
3 Smt. Ravali Rapelli Diploma in Computers, B.Sc IT (Lab Instructor)
4 Shri. Kritisagar Somwanshi M.J.DOEACC, Comp. (Lab Assistant)
Class ‚Äď IV Staff
1 Shri James P SSC (Peon)
2 Shri K. Ramulu SSC (Peon)
3 Shri G. Srinivas 9th (Peon)
4 Shri V. Vanitha SSC (Peon)


Administrative Staff 2022-23

Class IV Employee 2022-23


Secondary Administrative Staff 
Aided – Section
S.No. Name of the Staff Edu. Qualification Designation
1 Ms. A. Vijayaratna B.Com Head Clerk
2 Shri. G.Dipak B.Com Sr. Clerk
1 Shri. M. Manubhai VIII Peon
Un-Aided -Section
1 Smt. D. Naveena B.A., L.L.B Clerk
2 Smt. K. Akshada B.Com Clerk
3 Smt. N. Sarita M.Com Accounts Clerk
4 Smt .S. Mary Pushpam B.Com Accounts Clerk
5 Ms. G. Neha M.Com Clerk
6 Mrs. M. Sunitha B.Com Clerk
7 Mr. N. Vighnesh B.Com Clerk
8 Mr. K. Kantha Reddy M.Com, B.LIB. Librarian
1 Mr. A. Srinu SSC Peon
2 Mr. V. Nagaraju SSC Peon
3 Mrs.  A. Yadamma SSC Peon
4 Mr. B. Romeo IX Peon
5 Mr. R. Balaji SSC Peon


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